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Spa Pedicure$25

A Spa Pedicure is a wonderful care for your feet. It's not only pampering time, where you might also have a foot and leg massage, but an important time for trimming and polishing nails, buffing roughness off of your feet.

Elegant Pedicure$30

Include Spa Pedicure with an upgrade of hot towels wraps, sea salt and mask. Sea salt is a great treatment for dry and rough skin, while the mask helps nature and moisturizes the skin.

Deluxe Pedicure$35

Include elegant service with paraffin wax, paraffin wax gives younger looking skin, soften, smoothness and brightness skin.

Ultimate Pedicure$40

Include Deluxe Pedicure service and promotes a longer massage with hot stone. Hot stones massage relaxes the muscles which relives tension associated with daily stresses.

Luxury Pedicure$45

*** Your choice between: Lavender, Cucumber, Vitamin Recharge, Lemon, Quench, Ocean Fresh ***
Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of natural aromas that comes out from individual package. You are then treated to an exfoliating sea salt scrub. These are gentle scrubs that stimulate circulation as well as exfoliating dead skin from your feet. Natural mud mask enhanced with steaming hot towels will relax your feet and will stimulate blood circulation with warm paraffin dip to smooth and soften heels.

Organic Pedicure$55

*** Aromas to choose from: Olive Sensation, Green tea, Tangerine Twist ***
Our Organic products are expertly designed and crafted to provide the most nurturing and healing of experience. Relieve tension, hydrate, moisturize, purify the skin, promote a youthful glow, calm and soothe, cleanse the body and invigorate the senses. We use the world's most precious essential oils and natural extracts, blended with the rare, sustainable to create a safe and refreshing experience in the spa (20 minutes massage).

Melissa 5 Star Pedicure$65

Collagen Socks Included
*** Aromas to choose from: ***
* Milk and Honey - Hydrate and lock in the moisture!! Natural ingredients are used in this pedicure to provide intense nourishment to feet and legs. We use an exfoliating sea salt scrub to massage your legs and wrap them in a collagen socks with a hot towel treatment to re-hydrate your feet followed by a relaxing longer foot massage using body oil candle and hot stones, to promote circulation in your legs. Experience a new level of your ski with whole new line of Milk and Honey (25 minutes massage).

* Passion Fruits - Antioxidants heaven! The formula in infused with essential oil and potent antioxidants that help polish skin to a healthy and shiny glow. Starting with a passion fruits and fig soak, the sea salt and deep dermal transforming wrap promotes skin cell regeneration, finish with passion fruits massage candle and collagen socks (25 minutes massage).

* Tropical Citrus - Grab yourself a one way ticket to a beautiful skin with this innovation island inspired treatment. Enjoy a delicious drink with your feet in tropical fruit soak that chemically peel away dull, dry skin to boost radiance and turn c=back the clock. The finishing touch is a nourish massage with tropical massage candle and collagen socks. A tropical delight that will make your feet feel like you're in Hawaii.


Collagen Manicure$23

Nourishes the skin by replenishing moisture the skin needs, this collagen gloves help keep the skin smooth, supple, radiant, and youthful.

Shellac Manicure$30

Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac! These revolutionary products apply like polish, wear flawlessly for 21 days of high gloss shine. You will feel like just stepped out of Melissa Nails Spa everyday

Nails Enhancement

NexGen Dipping Powder$35

This is a fast growing trend in nail care. Nexgen nails are strong like acrylics and flexible like gels. But NexGen dipping powder nails cause no damage to nail bed, they are light weight, durable. They look and feel natural and healthier for your nails with added Calcium, Vitamin A, E, D3, B5.

Solar Pink & White Set$40

Solar Nails are the strongest and most durable nails. At Melissa Nails, we promise that you will have the most beautiful and natural set of Solar Nails with long lasting quality without chipping or breaking.

Solar Full Set with Shellac$45

Make your polish lasts much longer on your Solar Nails with Shellac on top.

Colors Powder Nails$35

With a large selection of Color Powders, your nails will look amazing with Color Powders that look and feel look polish on your nails but would last the longest.


Eyelash Extensions$80

Extend your beauty with long lasting and natural looking lashes. Our esthetician would apply one lash by one lash at a time and the end result is a pair of exquisite eyes with beautifully long and curly lashes.

For Your Safety

To ensure your safety everytime you visit us, we only use disposables like spa chair liner. You can relax and feel safe coming here.

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